After the war in 1945, the desire to rebuild and continue the art of wood that had been passed down through generations, brought Thomas Defrancesco and other companions to found the furniture factory. In 1961, his son Charles began working at the side of his father and the artisans, and over time he acquires the techniques and the secrets of furnishing in the traditional style of the Fiemme Valley. In 1969 the company was taken over by the same Charles who, together with another partner (Umberto Marchesonii) founded a real design studio combined with an increasingly equipped joinery. In 1979 Umberto died in a tragic accident. Charles remained the only owner to lead the company. In 1998 his children Nicholas and Alexandra joined the company and in the same year started a process of modernization of the production with computer-based systems capable to work with complex project designs. The organizational capacity has been extended through expanding deliveries and leading an exceptional team of designers, carpenters and assemblers. The many achievements that have been carried out by the company have brought it to be known not only in Trentino but also in Italy and abroad.