Defrancesco is an artisan company complete for the realization of customer personalized furnishing that also disposes of a design studio and carpentry department. Defrancesco is an exceptional team of designers and craftsmen for the production of partial furniture or Full Service.
STUDY DESIGN Our designers are always available and ready to define the client's ideas in a unique and detailed project, no detail is left to chance, masonry, equipment, arrangement of furniture, the colours, lighting system, finishings and furnishings for a setting of functional and harmonious beauty.
WOODWORK In the big carpentry department all the wooden parts are created with great precision. Advanced machinery combined with an advanced computerized system ensures quality and variety of processing for the recovery of old wood. The finishings, carvings and decorations are always hand executed by our wood Artisan Masters.
INSTALLATION The installation is the last delicate phase of the realization which the owner follows with meticulous attention. A team of skilled artisans who have gained strengh through experience and constant professional updates guarantees the highest quality of installation. Defrancesco offers a 10 year warranty on all wooden parts.